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Whether you are the owner of a restaurant, retail store, industrial building, small business or large company, there will come a time when you feel it’s time for a change. Whether it’s just a cosmetic touch up, a full rebrand or certain features that need upgrading, businesses in all industries always need to stay on the cutting edge if they are going to beat their competition. And yes, that includes keeping up with interior design trends.

If you think your commercial space needs the touch of professional general contractors that specialize in commercial construction projects, look no further than All Trade Contracting. At All Trade Contracting, we are proud to boast a team of highly skilled tradespeople that can work around your working hours to minimize the impact our presence has on your bottom line.

Plus, all of our contractors, as well as the subcontractors we use for specialty work like plumbing and electrical, are licensed and bonded. With all the necessary licenses and bonds, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be liable for any accidents that could happen during the construction process.


  • Strip mall new tenant construction services (from start to finish)
  • Food service industries (fast food and restaurants)
  • Office complex services new or remodeling (banks, physicians, dentists, lawyers, chiropractic, optometrist, pharmacy, salons
  • Various types of commercial buildings or tenant spaces repairs and remodeling inside and out
  • Department stores and various box stores complete interior repair remodeling
  • Hotel and motel interior remodeling, various types of repair services
  • Institutional buildings (schools etc) interior repairs to various doors and hardware, flooring, walls, ceiling, painting, cabinetry repair or new install
  • Industrial plants remodeling office, repair or replace various types of doors hardware, concrete repair, construct small metal clad buildings
  • Manufacturing plant, office remodeling, metal doors frames repair or install, various types of flooring, painting
  • We have worked with property management companies with complete services
  • We look after all permits and building standards
  • Concrete work interior underground plumbing & heating HVAC 
  • Replace or install new duct work
  • Install plumbing fixtures
  • Steel studs (walls, bulkheads etc)
  • Wood framing
  • Insulation (batts and spray foam)
  • Drywall remove and patch or install new
  • Taping
  • Painting and wallpaper
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Millwork (reception desks, display cases, various kitchen cabinets, various countertops, laminate panels etc)
  • Aluminum glass vestibules
  • Various doors new and old (metal, wood, pocket doors etc)
  • Various door hardware interior and exterior (handles, knobs, closers, check chains, door stops, weather stripping, wheelchair closer)
  • Flooring (name various types)
  • Wood and cove base baseboards
  • Wood casings for door sand windows
  • Tile work (wall and floor various types)
  • New service panels, upgrade existing old panels, sub panels,
  • Parking lot plug ins
  • Windows (aluminum frame or PVC) install to existing openings or cut openings for new
  • Metal doors & frames (repair or install new)
  • Concrete patch existing floor, remove and install new concrete slab
  • Minor concrete piles and grade beams
  • Wood & concrete ramps
  • Wood steel handrails
  • Steel/concrete bollards
  • Cinder block repair or install new, includes cut opening and install new
  • Stucco repair
  • Metal wall cladding repair or new metal cladding (small buildings) c/w concrete slab
  • Roofing (laminated asphalt shingles repair or replace)
  • Vinyl siding, vinyl soffits, fascia and eavestrough
  • Property management repair work
  • Display cases repairs including cabinet door repairs
  • Install shelving units to box stores retail stores (we do repairs also)

To provide optimum value, we provide the best materials and construction while always respecting the budget you have put in place. You can’t be a satisfied customer if you get slapped with hidden fees at the end of the job or if it starts to crumble just weeks after construction is complete. Since general contractors are only as good as their last job, we are committed to quality and cost-effective service so that you are never dissatisfied in choosing All Trade Contracting as your general contractors.